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Crucial Knowledge (Training)

Are you a recruiter or hiring manager seeking to enhance your recruitment skills? Do you find navigating the complexities of the recruitment cycle challenging? Are you looking to integrate the latest technologies and methodologies into your recruiting processes? Whether you're refining your strategies, seeking to understand cognitive biases in recruitment, or aiming to leverage platforms like LinkedIn more effectively, our training services are designed to elevate your recruitment proficiency.

Our Training Expertise

Our training sessions are meticulously crafted and led by an industry expert with extensive experience in recruitment. We cover a comprehensive range of topics essential for modern-day recruitment.

Each training session is designed to be interactive, practical, and highly informative, tailored to your team's specific needs. We focus on real-world applications, ensuring you can immediately implement the learnings into your daily recruitment activities. Our goal is to empower recruiters and hiring managers with the knowledge and skills to excel in the ever-evolving world of recruitment.​

Specialized Training Modules

Effective Communication

Recruitment Metrics

Integrating Technologies in Recruitment

Understanding Cognitive Biases

Motivation Theories and Practices

Strategies for engaging candidates and making persuasive job offers. Master the art of communicating with all parties involved in the recruitment process.

Learn how to measure success and continuously improve your recruitment strategies.

Discover modern technological advancements, including the use of generative AI, to solve recruitment challenges.

Explore the impact of cognitive biases in recruitment and how to mitigate them.

Dive deep into motivation theories and their practical applications in recruitment.

Transparent Pricing Structure

Standard Training

Our standard training sessions are available at a rate of 250 euros per hour.

Custom Training

For bespoke training programs crafted to your specific requirements, the cost is 350 euros per hour.

Corporate Training

Our corporate training programs feature fixed pricing, you can see it below. However, we are open to discussing program adjustments tailored to the unique needs of your company.

Corporate Training Programs

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