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Effective Hiring: Keys to Success for Managers


2000 EUR


9 Hours


About the Course

Target Audience:

  • Hiring managers seeking to improve their recruitment skills.

  • Team leaders aim to optimize the hiring process and enhance their involvement.

  • HR professionals want to expand their knowledge of modern hiring approaches and team collaboration.

  • Anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the hiring process and enhance the quality of candidate selection.

Participant Benefits:

  • Insights into critical roles and responsibilities in the hiring process.

  • Skills in developing and analyzing job descriptions, assessing candidates, and interviewing strategies.

  • Tools for effective interview management and candidate evaluation.

  • Ability to recognize and manage cognitive biases in candidate assessment.

  • Practical skills and strategies to improve the quality and efficiency of hiring.

  • Understanding of ethical and legal aspects of recruitment.

Training Duration: 9 hours (including a Q&A session and practical exercises).

Cost: €2,000

Your Instructor

Maryna Khomich

Welcome to the premier destination for transformative corporate training, led by Maryna Khomich, a seasoned HR professional and recruitment strategist with over 10 years of experience in corporate and public training. As the former CEO of a global staffing agency and HR Director for a major tech company, Maryna has honed her expertise in talent acquisition, HR policy development, and operational efficiency.

Maryna's training sessions, known for their impact and relevance to the tech industry, are based on her extensive experience in both corporate training programs and public workshops. In 2021, one of her courses successfully engaged around 100 participants, showcasing her ability to attract and captivate a diverse audience.

Maryna Khomich
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