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Welcome to Recrucial

Welcome to Recrucial, a vision brought to life by my extensive journey in the recruitment realm. I'm Maryna Khomich, with over 14 years of dedicated experience in the high-tech industry's recruitment sector. My career has spanned a diverse spectrum of roles and responsibilities, from navigating the recruitment landscapes of Eastern and Western Europe and the US to shaping the workforce in service and product companies, as well as a recruitment agency.

Our Values


Ethics guide every aspect of our interactions. We uphold honesty, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to non-discrimination in all our dealings. We focus on maintaining the highest ethical standards, ensuring a respectful and fair recruitment process for everyone involved.


Transparency is at the heart of our operations. We provide regular, detailed updates on the recruitment process, ensuring our clients are fully informed at every step. Our approach includes comprehensive reporting and open communication, fostering a transparent and trustworthy partnership. We believe in full disclosure of our terms and processes.


Our team's commitment goes beyond standard recruitment; we immerse ourselves in understanding the nuances of each role and business. This passionate advocacy ensures timely and effective talent matching, with a keen focus on promoting our clients' brands. Our responsiveness and dedication are geared toward creating a seamless and efficient recruitment journey for both candidates and companies.

Technological Proficiency

We take great pride in our technological expertise, particularly tailored to recruitment. Our approach centers on leveraging modern recruitment technologies that streamline and automate key processes, keeping them simple yet highly effective. This strong technological foundation ensures that we are in step with the rapid advancements of the high-tech industries we cater to, enabling us to provide efficient recruitment services that align perfectly with our clients' innovative spirit.

How We Work?

1 - 3 days

Introduction call

Contract signing


5 - 10 days

Presentation of first 4-5 quallified candidates

20 - 40 days

Average time-to-fill the position

60 - 90 days

Onboarding and probation period support

Empowering Peace, Choosing Humanity

As a recruitment agency committed to global peace and the well-being of innocent civilians, we advocate for ending dictatorship, conflict, and war. In alignment with our values, we express our solidarity with people suffering in such circumstances. In light of this stance, our agency consciously chooses not to collaborate with Russian businesses or any enterprises that maintain relationships with Russia. 

Maryna Khomich
About Me

My career has evolved from a Tech Recruiter to an HR director in a renowned product company, a global leader in messaging apps, providing me with a profound understanding of a company's lifecycle, from startup inception to post-acquisition integration. This journey has equipped me with critical insights into businesses' transformational stages, particularly during pivotal moments like acquisitions.​

I've guided startups from Seed to Series D and worked with various organizations, adapting recruitment strategies to their specific needs. My experience is enhanced by organizing industry conferences, mentoring in recruitment, and contributing to industry content through articles, podcasts, and events like hackathons.​

Recrucial is the culmination of this rich various of experiences. It's more than a recruitment company; it's a testament to my commitment to helping companies navigate their pivotal moments—whether it's hiring key individuals, building robust teams, undergoing transformations, or optimizing internal processes. With Recrucial, I bring this wealth of knowledge and experience to your business, ensuring your recruitment needs are met with unparalleled expertise and insight.

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