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Crucial Advice (Consulting)

Welcome to consulting services at Recrucial. I'm Maryna Khomich, an HR professional with a rich recruitment and talent development background. My career, spanning over a decade, includes leadership roles where I've honed my skills in HR management, talent acquisition, and strategic planning. As the former Co-partner and CEO of the recruitment agency and HR Director at a renowned product company, one of the top popular messengers in the world, I've transformed HR operations, boosted team performance, and significantly grown revenue. My expertise is in innovative recruitment strategies, executing corporate talent acquisition plans, and delivering impactful training. I've improved hiring efficiency, compliance, and team growth. As your consultant, I'm excited to share my knowledge to help your business succeed.

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How We Can Assist

For the last 14 years, we have been deeply engaged in HR and career consulting, backed by professional training and our involvement in mentorship programs. In our consultancy, we address critical questions that companies often struggle with:

  • How can you develop a recruitment strategy that effectively identifies and attracts the talent you truly need?

  • What are the best practices for designing probation periods to maximize new employee performance and potential?

  • How can your company effectively evaluate employee performance and tailor personal development plans to foster continuous growth?

  • What strategies can increase staff loyalty, ensuring employee satisfaction and alignment with company decisions and strategy?

  • How should you approach salary negotiations, both when making job offers and during salary review periods?

  • How can you align employees' personal goals with your company’s objectives, driving mutual success?

  • How can you establish honest, open, and effective two-way communication within your company and foster collaboration across different departments?

  • What are the best methods for providing constructive feedback, recognizing achievements, and boosting non-material motivation and project engagement?


We offer these consultancy services at a rate of 200 euros per hour, bringing our expertise and a commitment to providing tailored, practical solutions to meet your company's specific needs. If you are looking for guidance in navigating these essential aspects of HR and recruitment, we are ready to assist with our extensive knowledge and experience.

We're Here to Help

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North-Holland, Netherlands


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