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Why Mass Hiring Just Doesn't Cut It for Skilled Tech Jobs - Even in a Layoff Wave

Hey there! Let's chat about why mass recruitment isn't the best move when you're looking for top-notch tech pros, especially now with all the layoffs happening in the tech world.

Mass Hiring Just Doesn't Cut It Even in a Layoff WaveMass Hiring Just Doesn't Cut It Even in a Layoff Wave
Experienced techies know what they want

Mass Recruitment: Great for the Basics, Not So Much for the Tech Whizzes

So, mass recruitment is like throwing a big net – it's great when you need a bunch of similar roles filled fast, like cashiers or salespeople. But when it comes to those techy, skilled jobs? Not so much.

Tech Layoffs: A Lot More Complicated Than You Think

You've probably heard about all these tech layoffs, right? In 2022, we saw a whopping 97,171 job cuts in tech, and it didn't stop there. In 2023, over 1,000 tech companies said goodbye to more than 260,000 workers. Crazy numbers! But here's the twist – this flood of techies into the job market doesn't make hiring easier.

Here's Why Mass Hiring Skilled Techies Just Doesn't Work

  1. Legal Ties That Bind: Many of these tech pros walking out with severance packages have strings attached, like non-compete clauses. So, they're not exactly free agents yet.

  2. Techies Still in High Demand: Despite the layoffs, there's a huge demand for tech talent. We're talking thousands of job openings for roles like full-stack developers and software engineers, all offering pretty sweet deals.

  3. Tech Recruiters Getting the Axe, Too: Adding to the chaos, a lot of tech recruiters have been laid off as well. So, even when there are jobs to fill, there aren't enough recruiters to do the job.

Mass Recruitment and Tech Pros: Just Not a Match

  • Matching the Market: Skilled tech jobs need specific talents, and there's just not a huge pool of perfect matches out there.

  • Active vs. Passive Job Seekers: A lot of the top tech talent isn't actively looking for jobs – they're more like hidden gems you've got to seek out.

  • Custom-Tailored Recruiting: For the tech wizards, you need more than just job fairs and ads. Think networking at pro events, headhunting on LinkedIn – the works.

  • High Expectations: Experienced techies know what they want. They expect a recruiting process that's as top-notch as they are.

What Works: Personalised Recruitment Tactics

In today's tech job scene, you've got to be nimble and personal with your hiring approach. It's all about understanding what these tech pros are going through, especially with the layoffs, and offering them something really appealing.

Bottom Line

Mass recruitment might work for some roles, but when it comes to the tech gurus, especially in these layoff-heavy times, you need a strategy that's more personal and spot-on. It's about getting the right person for the job and making sure they know they're valued. It's not just about filling a spot; it's about building a team that rocks.


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